Category: Graphic Design 2 To Shave or not to Shave? That is the Question.

To Shave or Not to Shave

Many men complainin’ ‘bout shavin.’  Sayin’ “it’s not nat’rl!!!” Shavin’ that is. But what can you do if you like to. Shavin’ that is. Makin’ yer titties shakin’  Causin’ Yer gunt to itchin’.  Makin’ you horny less bitchin’. Sometimes it feels right when it feels wrong. Sometimes it feels “DAMN RIGHT!” A little off the side, a trim from behind. Yer buddy naked tonight, with a razor in the light. So in the furry end don’t condescend, and please… Don’t judge a man by what he  uncovers, just how he treats his lover.

Here’s a few more shaving buds for

Erotic cartoons for

This is UMMs first graphic design job for As a man who likes to have a few areas trimmed from time to time I find this site to be quite the resource for all my manscaping needs.

Naked and Dressed

Here’s a fun couple of fun drawings. I wanted to draw a character clothed, but to do that I needed to draw him nekkid.

Naked manDressed man

Mortimer Pye Self portrait 2018

Another year another hastily drawn self portrait.

Cock Sucker of the Year

Ty Cobb. I’d give that mustache a ride anytime.

Wet Bear Men

Just a couple of old sketches of bears sitting the water wearing caps.

wet bear sketch wet bear sketch

Take Your Pick

There’s a political response to this, I’m sure.

Take Your Pick
Take Your Pick

Gay Ass Vintage Ads

Take some time to mull over yer options as a consumer.

T-Shirt Idea: Naked Pixel Men

Working on some fun designs for the UMM shop. Clink on the page link below and let me know if you’d buy one.
Naked Butt man Pixel Tee

What the…? Vintage biker illustrator David Mann

I just have to post this.  It’s by famed Easy Rider mag artist David Mann.  I have no idea what’s going on, sexy as hell tho.
What the?