Erotic cartoons for

This is UMMs first graphic design job for As a man who likes to have a few areas trimmed from time to time I find this site to be quite the resource for all my manscaping needs.

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  • “He propped himself up against the bed’s headboard, spread his furry legs and began rubbing the bulging piss and cum stained pouch of his jockstrap. It wasn’t until he tugged the waistband down under his balls and his swollen uncut pecker popped out that I realized he was a Manscaper!

    Instead of a full, furry bush across his pubic area, there was a only a trail of rough stubble from a recent manscaping session below his very hairy belly. He grabbed his raging boner in one hand and pulled it off to the side. “LICK IT!” he barked, “Lick it RIGHT THERE!” – and I did as told, running my tongue along the rough, sandpaper-like stubble of his manscaped pubis as he tugged himself to orgasm.”

    What else can I say? I’ve been a fan of hairy men who manscape their groin ever since. It sure makes licking up the pecker slop afterwards a lot easier!

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