Mortimer Pye Self Portrait

It’s been a while since I made an attempt at a “self portrait.” I couldn’t think of anything else to draw this morning, so it was about time. I don’t think I got my chunky backside right, but I like the overall character design going on here. I just tried to keep myself from drawing too stylized.

Something from my collection

I drew 25 dicks today

It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn a page of dicks. With my recent interest in gay Twitter, I’ve seen so many cocks, and let me tell you, my dick heads a spinning! So there’s only one cure for Penis Brain, and that’s draw as many genitals as possible to possibly expunge the spooge from your mind. It only kinda works. After all dicks are just dicks, and that’s the way I like it.

Horny and Loose Daddy Drawing

Not so delicate subject matter

Many sketches of Gar

It’s been a while since I’ve done some serious character design. Gar has always been one of my favorites. He’s obviously the strong, slutty, silent type, which I very much appreciate. When I get him drawn right, there is already a story to work with. Whether it’s his smoking cocked stogie, his unkept beard, his swaggering wangbar (always at least half hard,) or his furrowed brow with a stinky leather daddy patrol hat hiding his eyes. “Rough and ready” in every sense of the phrase. One day I’ll get him in a comic or two to see if he has what it takes. Until then I just enjoy sketching out every little detail I can.

Rest In Peace Nathan Campbell

Nate passed away July 8, 2022. We were lovers, boyfriends, if you will. But it was a rocky relationship, filled with addiction, codependent and lies. Even though I grew to resent him, he never resented me. I pushed him away over the past few years due to anger and frustration, but he always try to keep up a friendship. Unfortunately I wasn’t ready for that. Do I regret the choices I made to not talk to him, a little. But mostly I’m just sad and lonely tonight.

Sexy faces

Recent dirty digital drawings

Mortimer Pye is on Twitter

I finally got my act together. I am venturing into the wide world of social media. “What’s going to be different about this Twitter account as opposed to the Urban Mountain Man blog?” You might ask. Well it’s a personal account to me, Mortimer Pye, which means you’re gonna see more pictures of me, and content about me. Which means pictures of my dick, pictures of my ass, pictures of me wearing thongs and jocks, and pictures without. My goal for UMM has always been to tell a wider story about male sexuality, searching and discovering furry faces and bodies, sweaty appendages and orifices in all media as well as my own artwork and life. Twitter will have some of that and but it’ll also have dick pics! It’s been a while since I’ve explored my slutty side in public so follow my account and join the journey.

Click here for Mortimer’s Twitter account!