Month: May 2014

Saturday Morning Cartoon Pervert Twist

Woke up early. Fell back asleep. In between these two events I saw a cartoon dog beckoning me with his large forearms and sexy smile. It was only a few fleeting seconds but I was genuinely impressed.


Erotic Art Services for You

I, Mortimer Pye am a trained designer and illustrator living in Minneapolis MN. If you have a design need, erotic or otherwise, we at The Urban Mountain Home Journal has a Services section for you to consider. Check out the illustration examples!

Sloppy Seconds Illustration
Sloppy Seconds Illustration

Summer Days Sluts America Style

Living near the river is real nice this time a year. But ain’t it a bitch watching other dudes hook up while you’re just leaning against some scratchy bark trying to look cool. The urban mountain man says “fuck that!” I’d rather sit in a moldy basement than watch you and you hot boyfriend fuck on beautiful sunny day.  Sorry I’ve got straight porn to watch!
Summer Days!

Bad and Good Habits

Found these “before and after” illustrations I did way back in art school.  Still feels applicable to my life these days.
Bad habit
Good Habit

Spunk Wads

Here’s a cute little series of sketches of man jellies.Spunk Wads

Happy Summer! Bears , Bikers, and Buds

The Urban Mountain Man Home Journal wishes you many air brushed vans, dirty motorbikes, and furry fun buds this summer!
Fun stuff bikers