Category: Dicks

Dicks on a bridge

A subtle but undeniable graphic of two cocks rubbing against each other under a bridge in Northeast Minneapolis… or am I missing something here.

I drew 25 dicks today

It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn a page of dicks. With my recent interest in gay Twitter, I’ve seen so many cocks, and let me tell you, my dick heads a spinning! So there’s only one cure for Penis Brain, and that’s draw as many genitals as possible to possibly expunge the spooge from your mind. It only kinda works. After all dicks are just dicks, and that’s the way I like it.

Happy Pride 2022

This drawing started with the thought of two dudes showing off each other’s dicks to each other in a bro kinda way, but as the pencil hit the paper it transformed into a tender romance of two cocks discovering each other for the first time. Like “oh wow! You’re just like me but different!” One more thick and stiff, the other pert and flexible. One bigger than the other. The way the image is cropped leads to interpretation. There’s a mystery to it. And I can’t think of a better image to represent PRIDE for UMM in 2022.

Jumping hard on the faggy #proudboys trend

As usual I am late to the game. I just found out about the co-opting of the #proudboys by gay men today. In the spirit of the Twin Cities Pride parade being a month late, I feel the need to throw my hat in the ring, even though it’s a bit after the fact. The more anti-fascist/pro-fag imagery the better, right? And besides this image came to me instantly after reading an article about how the fascists are pissed off that their pathetic name has been made awesome in the name of Gay Pride. I couldn’t help but draw it right away. Happy belated Pride people!

Late Night Drawing Dicks

Watch this drawing unfold!

What is it about dicks? Why they so pretty? Why do we wanna sit on them? Why do we wanna suck them?Why does a pretty dick need a pretty face, or hot bod, to go with it? Why does that not matter sometimes? More than a few times I’ve been in a sexy situation where it was obvious that I was only there because of my dick and nothing more. What’s that about? I’m not sure there’s an answer to all this. Not sure I care. But I know I sure love drawing dicks.