Category: Bears and Bulls

Sketches from Mortimer Pye

Just getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully I’ll be hitting the drawing table more this summer.

Dirty dirty sketch

It’s been a while since I’ve hit the drawing table. What can I say? life has gotten in the way with the holidays, jury duty, other projects, etc. but my loneliness and horniness will always lead me back to my sketchbook and pencils. So I can articulate my fantasies and continue my studies of drawing dirty old men.

What a Lovely dad-doodle page

I really enjoy the variety of things happening on this page of dad doodles. My favorite is the bud highlighted below. So we’ll proportioned and a damn sexy hair cut!

16 Bears in color

There’s a pencil drawing of this same image deep in the blog. Happy hunting!

Just lay back daddy

New handsome faces

Trying out new faces. Maybe I’ll be inspired to draw new characters.

Morning Wood sketches and concept art

Here’s a little glimpse into my process. First a rough pencil sketch. Then a few weeks later after some thought, an environment emerges. I want something more graphic and dramatic for the typography, and the composition could use a little more work, so this will probably not be the end to this story.

Something to chew on for any Bears out there

Date night with Gar

Looks like our friend Gar has a special evening planned for his date.

Getting back to my sketchbook

I’m trying to hit the sketchbook more these days. COVID-19 definitely has inspired a breakdown in my creative process, but I’m Slowly stoking my creative flames. Hopefully you will start seeing more content uploaded to the site weekly. Exploring new interests and current topics, but also diving into my past work. This site will always be sort of an experiment to me. So like the horny mad scientist that I am I’m ready to start experimenting.