The Urban Mountain Man Home Journal

Hello! My name is Mortimer Pye and this is my blog, The Urban Mountain Man Home Journal(we could abbreviate  it  like UMMHJ, but No! let’s go with UMM!) I started UMM as respite for the obtusely  erotic. As a gay artist/designer with a piggy side I’ve always enjoyed drawing and illustrating naked men. In my 20’s and early 30’s I created series of smut comic books called WANKY COMICS where I explored sci-fi, gay superheroes, and various underground comic themes. I wanted to introduce gay porno sex to these various tropes with my own strange characters.

Where this blog site actually begins is with my friend Joe, who died over a decade ago.  We were lovers, but we had bad break up instigated by yours truly.  A lot of mending had begun before his death, which I am grateful for. This site is dedicated to his memory for in the few boxes of his personal gay items, his conservative family would have no need for, was a plastic grocery bag of filled with pieces of paper torn from magazines, newspapers, and pornos. All pictures of men, mostly with captivating beards, from the 70’s and 80’s.

stephen d'auria

These images were collected before the BEAR community had existed. A lot of the images came from non gay sources. He would only save the pictures from a gay porn mag that he liked and would toss the rest. It was a well edited pile and I began to scan it and work with it digitally. I also went on my own hunt for pre-BEAR imagery and many good sources for this site.  I found books about van culture, biker mags, and other 70’s era media(coming soon bearded 70’s dudes on album covers!)

Extending this concept, I’m on the quest for more imagery in the current stream of pop culture. In the age of the internet, where everything is defused to the point of static, I feel it’s time to start another journey.  A journey for a lack definition. Maybe a journey towards a new definition. Either way I will continue to take pics of sexy commercial actors on tv, take screenshots of straight porn, as well as developing my cartooning, and looking for short collaborations with other artists to further this story.

If you like what you see I’d love to hear form you. All questions and comment will be answered within a reasonable amount of time.

The Urban Mountain Home Journal is dedicated to the memory of Joe P. Miesen. I miss you buddy. As long as I have a hole you have a home.