Month: June 2014

Happy Pride!

To all you urban mountain men, bears, lions, wolves, pigs, beasts of the night, work horses, horse cocks, Daddies and boys, twinks and cupcakes, leather fags, masters and slaves, str8’s, bi’s, closet queens, all queens, and everyone in between, have a wonderful weekend.  I hope to see you OUT! I’ll will try my best to meet you there.

Up in a Tree

So low and lazy up in my tree
What should I do? What should I do?
All day staring between the leaves
Daydreaming yellow to blue
Head in the branches hands on my knees
All finished making my goo
Can’t decide if I need to pee
Can’t stop thinking of you


Studio days

The need for creativity never ends around here. Even our bodies need a jolt and a lick once and awhile.


New! Pixel Erotic Art Gallery

Dirty pixels unite in this new art gallery. Pixel art is one of my favorite pastimes, so make sure you come back from time to time  to watch this gallery pulse and grow!
TedPixel DickJoe


A long time ago I used to write and draw erotic comics, with a frenetic frequency.  Every so often an old buddy asks me what comics I’ve been working on lately. I always try to convey why I’ve got nothing going on.  In that process of thoughtful explanation my mind wanders back to my pencil on the paper, eraser in hand.  I always come up with a good explanation, good enough to keep pangs of desire and regret at bay.   At least until the question arises again in the form of an email, Facebook post or bar conversation.

Dirty old man skewering his boy with mind cock.
Dirty old man skewering his boy with mind cock.

Dick’s Inn

One of favorite place to stay when I’m on the lonely road.

Thank Heavens For Alternative Lifestyles!

These days everything is an alternative lifestyle. Go for what you know! You never know! The internet is ready to swallow your soul.  All you can do is take control and profit from your down- ugh I mean windfall!lifestyle

Get More from Gitmo!

Controversy aside, there is not one of these prisoners I wouldn’t bang.