Month: April 2019

Those Slutty 70s Records Covers

I don’t know who the Bellamy Brothers are but they seem to be two horny dudes. No doubt I like the bearded one, shirtless, wet, and reaching for his crotch. I also had to include a shot of a Ted Nugent album, where a bunch a young dudes are grabbing the superstar wearing nothing but his trademark loin cloth and a scraggly beard. Ripe and ready for a sweaty 70s all-male rock audience molestation. Which pretty much sums up his whole career BTW.

Gar in chaps character design

I haven’t drawn Gar in awhile. Since the last time I drew him he’s lost a little weight, grown a bigger beard, and got himself a new pair of chaps. Now he just needs a cigar and a hot date!