Month: March 2023

Heavy Metal Butts

This is an album cover of a lesser known heavy-metal/hard rock band from the 80s called Eyes. The album is titled full moon. in my opinion, they were smart to put the beautiful butts on the cover instead of focusing on big hair and their pretty faces. I like pretending that I’m a cop and I’ve just busted these four guys for weed…. let your fantasies go from there.

Suggestive logo and catalog

I have been getting chunky catalogs from this company ever since I ordered something fairly trivial from them a few years ago. Their logo looks like a dick and ass turned on its side. i’ve always thought “How could they not see this? It must be intentional” Now with this new catalog cover I am more than convinced that they meant it to look like a dick and ass. I’m not against it mind you, but it baffles me, if not leaving me a little frustrated. Considering what’s going on in my mind, I don’t believe them when they proclaim “We’ve got it all!” on a box with that dick logo pressed up against a handsome man’s crotch. Hmmmmmmm….