Month: July 2022

16 Bears in color

There’s a pencil drawing of this same image deep in the blog. Happy hunting!

Just lay back daddy

New handsome faces

Trying out new faces. Maybe I’ll be inspired to draw new characters.


Life is sticky.

A curious interaction

Feel free to cut and paste

Hey, it’s good to hear from you. Sorry I’ve been kinda busy, and kinda scatter-brained lately. But I have to be honest, I’ve avoided messaging you back because I have to take a break. This is a no strings attached arrangement, and I respect that. Unfortunately sometimes I get lonely and I feel and want things I know I shouldn’t. But that is the risk that one takes when entering in these kind of arrangements. I did not know that you would be so cool and fun to hang out with. That’s my fault. But I am glad I got to meet you, and I hope we can still be friends. I’m sorry.

Lazy Fuck

It’s just my luck I’m a lazy fuck. I won’t get off my butt, but I can still get it up. I am a little sticky, but I’m not stuck. I’ve got so much to do, but everything sucks. I’d get dressed, but I can’t stand to tuck. I’d get out of town, but I don’t got a truck. It’s just my luck I’m a lazy fuck.

Morning Wood sketches and concept art

Here’s a little glimpse into my process. First a rough pencil sketch. Then a few weeks later after some thought, an environment emerges. I want something more graphic and dramatic for the typography, and the composition could use a little more work, so this will probably not be the end to this story.

Luvin’ it!

Recent sketch

More lazy than ever

Let’s FUCK Grandpa!