Category: Sexy Commercials and Ads

Suggestive logo and catalog

I have been getting chunky catalogs from this company ever since I ordered something fairly trivial from them a few years ago. Their logo looks like a dick and ass turned on its side. i’ve always thought “How could they not see this? It must be intentional” Now with this new catalog cover I am more than convinced that they meant it to look like a dick and ass. I’m not against it mind you, but it baffles me, if not leaving me a little frustrated. Considering what’s going on in my mind, I don’t believe them when they proclaim “We’ve got it all!” on a box with that dick logo pressed up against a handsome man’s crotch. Hmmmmmmm….

Retro gaymer lust confirmed

Hey bro! want to come over and see my new 1up 3/4 scale replica Pac-Man arcade cabinet I got at Walmart. Don’t worry! we don’t have to wear masks, or a socially distance because we’re bro’s, and besides I know where your face has been heh-heh! We’ll just play some Pac-Man, drink some beers, smoke some weed, and talk about our beards. Yours is coming in good, might I say. I hope you don’t mind if I stand a little close. I just want to see all the action on the screen, and if you get the high score I’ll have to give you a bro hug, or maybe a bro kiss when you’re not looking. JK bro! Gotcha! Seriously come over tonight, let’s have some fun!

Another grocery store romance

I had a strange horny surprise at the grocery store tonight. This goddamn, sexy grey bearded cro-mag daddy donning a weiner lei, and baring a weiner tattoo appeared in the frozen meat aisle. His name is Carl. Even though he was only a cardboard cut out for Johnsonville brats, I really felt we had a connection. Although we didn’t talk much, or at all, and he barely looked at me, that is on par with most guys I meet at the bar, so this just might work out.

Weight watcher belly buster lover

This commercial has some nice footage of a man trying to button up. It starts off the ad and is gone before you have a chance to register the action. I just had to take my phone cam out slow the tv down and enjoy this moment.

Rodney the cute accordion stud muffin

Been watching this fella wank his accordion for about a year now. I’m glad UMM has decided to give this commercial the attention it deserves, cuz Rodney is damn cute!

Thank Heavens For Alternative Lifestyles!

These days everything is an alternative lifestyle. Go for what you know! You never know! The internet is ready to swallow your soul.  All you can do is take control and profit from your down- ugh I mean windfall!lifestyle

Get More from Gitmo!

Controversy aside, there is not one of these prisoners I wouldn’t bang.


Saturday Morning Cartoon Pervert Twist

Woke up early. Fell back asleep. In between these two events I saw a cartoon dog beckoning me with his large forearms and sexy smile. It was only a few fleeting seconds but I was genuinely impressed.