Month: May 2021

Cybear Punk 2077

I bought a used copy of Cyberpunk 2077 for my basic PS4. I didn’t get very far until it glitched on me (it locked me in the tutorials, if you must know.) Before that unfortunate and frustrating incident I did get to make my own model of the main character V. Despite the many color and style options for the hair, scars, etc. I made the most generic looking bear man I could. Unfortunately you can’t make him have a beer belly or a juicy booty, BUT as you can see you can customize his penis. Really you only get three options: small, medium and large (I chose large.) No cut, or uncut, or how many veins you’d like- sigh! Of course, none of this affects gameplay, it’s all cosmetic. I just think it’s interesting I designed the most basic bear archetype for an avatar ever, when given a chance to live in a futuristic virtual world. Uhg! I’m such a basic bitch!

Life is Good. What Else Can I Say?

Actually things are not so great. You know why. I’m not gonna rant. I’m just going to take a “wait and see” attitude and wait and see. Until then, my old man hormones rage. I’m not going into details about that either, and let the images above explain my desire. It’s a bit random. Been watching a bit of wrestling lately. It’s a beautiful activity. Maybe I wanna do some bitch slapping, or get bitch slapped. I don’t know any more. I’m just turned on. Life is good.