Month: February 2018 kink slogans for the queers

Slogans are awesome. The best ones can persuade, empower, inform, and even make you chuckle. When you put a slogan on your t-shirt, it’s seen as statement of your own personal beliefs, politics, or identity. With that in mind, what if you are a LGBT kinkster who’s looking for casual apparel that represents your deviant side? What if you’re the type who doesn’t give a rats ass that your kink might get someone else’s fur in a tangle? Where can you go for this type of personal branding? that’s where.

In the late 60s early 70s hippy counter culture slogans were everywhere. When I first started perusing through the many pages of the online shop,, it reminded me of my aunts button collection pinned to the drapes in her teenage pot-den in the basement at grandmas and grandpas house. Slogans like “Homosexuality is a Pain in the Ass“ and “Give Generously to Your Local Sperm Bank” rang through my brain and tweaked my young pervy intellect. carries on this old school hippy biker t-shirt tradition, but for the LGBT and kink communities. The site has a menu for various kink subgroups like Puppy Shirts, Bear Shirts, Transgender, etc. But I suggest you check out the LGBT section which seems to house all of the T-shirt designs from all the subgroups. It’s a good read and you might even get offended, but most likely you will find your dirty little secret boldly printed on a garment you can buy online. I bought “REAL MEN EAT ASS,” a sentiment that I’ve had for a very long time but never pondered that I could find it on a T-shirt. (See my blog review of this T ) This site covers a wide range of sentiments that are expressed with an unforgiving, but lovable, Daddy voice. Some of the slogans are little cliche and some a little wordy, but a lot of them are crafted just right to tweak your brain and get your desire pumping. Using clip art, and Disney style illustrations (mostly of bears and pups,) the designs create a cozy style that is both familiar and perverse. No fancy fonts, just unadulterated easy to understand kinky slogans, that will make your chest stand out for your next party, night on the town, or slutty evening with your buds. is owned by a a Bear, a Cub, and a Pup. They are into roller derby big time and there is a huge section of the site dedicated to the sport. They also have a selection of puppy/animal masks, paws, tails and a few other random fetish items for sale. But the slogans are the big star here. They make the site an entertaining and fascinating read whether or not you plan on making a purchase, but we implore you to make a purchase. We know one will pique your interest. Maybe buy one one for Father’s Day?

REAL MEN EAT ASS: a T-shirt from

Believe it that I, Mortimer Pye, has sat and pondered this notion, “REAL MEN EAT ASS”(yes in all caps!) In this writer’s humble opinion, there is nothing more beautiful and delectable than a mans butt. Many bottoms have reported to me that most guys they hook up with don’t eat them out proper, if at all, and goddamn it, I think that should change! Thanks to I can use the power of persuasion, and maybe get a date or two, wearing the “REAL MEN EAT ASS” T-shirt at the next bar night or kink party.

(Read the UMM blog post for more information about

Go Amtrak Go Naked

I had no idea this sort of thing was going on. I think I’ve taken 1 maybe 2 train rides my entire life and I would have remembered naked men showering underneath a giant downspout.  I guess it was before my time. Whatever!

Smoke & Chains Featuring Leather Stud Gar

Here we find our leather friend, Gar, taking advantage. To Shave or not to Shave? That is the Question.

To Shave or Not to Shave

Many men complainin’ ‘bout shavin.’  Sayin’ “it’s not nat’rl!!!” Shavin’ that is. But what can you do if you like to. Shavin’ that is. Makin’ yer titties shakin’  Causin’ Yer gunt to itchin’.  Makin’ you horny less bitchin’. Sometimes it feels right when it feels wrong. Sometimes it feels “DAMN RIGHT!” A little off the side, a trim from behind. Yer buddy naked tonight, with a razor in the light. So in the furry end don’t condescend, and please… Don’t judge a man by what he uncovers, just how he treats his lover.

Here’s a few more shaving buds for

Dirty old man shaking his stick

Shake it dirty old man. Shake it!

Dirty Old Biker Comix

Just a few shits and giggles for you brought to you by an old biker mag.biker comix biker comix biker comix

Saturday night’s alright for bikers

Here’s a few more #Easyriders for ya. #bikertrash from the 70s

bikerbikerbiker budsbikerBikerbiker buds

News Flash: Harnesses no longer kinky

Yes it’s true! The leather harness, a long time main stay of the Leathermans closet, is no longer a symbol of passionate Daddy Worship, or Man Power. Nowadays it seems every good fag has at least one shiny new, above the tits, harness in their wardrobe ready for the local leather night. There was a time when procuring a harness took a bit of effort. I believe custom ordering one from a popular leather shop in San Francisco was the best way. Today you can order one online from many different stores, in many colors and/or different materials. Before I go any further I want to iterate that “kink is in the eye of the beholder,” so if you feel that harnesses are mega-kinky in every way, I doubt there’s much I could say dissuade you, but when I go to a local bar on a kink night, and everyone is wearing essentially the same gear, I start to question the motivations behind this fashion statement. Most men are like wolves, comfortable in the pack. So it makes sense that a similar uniform would arise to cement this pack mentality. But that’s not what kink is. Kink is not being like everybody else. Kink is individual to the individual. Kink is not commonplace. Kink is not something that everybody agrees upon as sexy. That’s what makes it a kink. So the leather harness may no longer be kinky, but can still be considered sexy. For example, I prefer a Daddy’s paunch to be harnessed above and below the tits so I can grab on tight as he picks me up throws me down on the bed and starts to…. ahem! That’s right America, harnesses are no longer kinky.

The Urban Mountain Man Evolution of the dirty old man

Ok Evolution, stop right there! I mean… Can we go back there? Can I get down there?  I’m sick and tired of this refined bullshit.  Gimme the river, gimme the plane, gimme the forest! But before I get in yer slippery time machine let me grab my guitar, my records, my sketch books and mass produced pens and computers and I’d prolly would like to watch CNN every so often you know… I am SO ready for this retrograde! Hey! Where are you going?