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Climbing Mount Juicy Booty

Everybody’s got a mountain to on rug

Welcum To the Void

There’s something there. I know you can feel it.

Welcum To the void
Welcum To the void

Stunner from the Past

What else can I say? He’s a stunner!

Late 70’s Early 80’s Cowboys

From the UMM archives. Can’t say exactly what this is.

Cowboy story

Men’s Room: Vintage Porn Drama

Put yer own caption here.

Vintage Playgirl Stud Stephen D’Auria

Damn! Can’t find him on Facebook.

stephen d'auria

What the…? Vintage biker illustrator David Mann

I just have to post this.  It’s by famed Easy Rider mag artist David Mann.  I have no idea what’s going on, sexy as hell tho.
What the?

Summer Days Sluts America Style

Living near the river is real nice this time a year. But ain’t it a bitch watching other dudes hook up while you’re just leaning against some scratchy bark trying to look cool. The urban mountain man says “fuck that!” I’d rather sit in a moldy basement than watch you and you hot boyfriend fuck on beautiful sunny day.  Sorry I’ve got straight porn to watch!
Summer Days!

Happy Summer! Bears , Bikers, and Buds

The Urban Mountain Man Home Journal wishes you many air brushed vans, dirty motorbikes, and furry fun buds this summer!
Fun stuff bikers

It’s time to POST a LOG!

Ever wake up nic-fitting, and you don’t even smoke? Or maybe you do, but it doesn’t seem right? Everything makes you angry, and rightly so! It’s 3am, and nothing is good on T.V.  Don’t shout at the walls! Go post a log, deep and long! Give in to your anger lust until it feels ridiculous. Beat off like yer beating a drum, Sooth yourself to the rhythm.  Please type the right words, not the wrong ones. Or just do your best, and have fun with it.