Author: mortimer

Bear porn star Mack Illustration

We Love ya Mack! #8×6=Mack

Wet Bear Men

Just a couple of old sketches of bears sitting the water wearing caps.

wet bear sketch wet bear sketch

Take Your Pick

There’s a political response to this, I’m sure.

Take Your Pick
Take Your Pick

Devil Cock for Bad Bears

Old Sketch.Devil Cock

Climbing Mount Juicy Booty

Everybody’s got a mountain to on rug

Welcum To the Void

There’s something there. I know you can feel it.

Welcum To the void
Welcum To the void

Gay Ass Vintage Ads

Take some time to mull over yer options as a consumer.

Mohawk Hunny

Just a sketch from the past.


Stunner from the Past

What else can I say? He’s a stunner!

Late 70’s Early 80’s Cowboys

From the UMM archives. Can’t say exactly what this is.

Cowboy story