Author: mortimer

Big Bear Pool Party Butt Drawing

Woke up this morning with an uncontrollable urge to draw butts, and lots of them. so I thought of a recent pool party I attended last summer and the inspiration went from there.

Sunday Morning Cum Wave

Typical Sunday morning. Sigh! Off to work!
Cum Wave

Stunner from the past 2

Here’s another pic of some classic beef.
Stunner 2

On the Couch with a man boner

What a nice sketch.
On the Couch

Bear porn star Mack Illustration

We Love ya Mack! #8×6=Mack

Wet Bear Men

Just a couple of old sketches of bears sitting the water wearing caps.

wet bear sketch wet bear sketch

Take Your Pick

There’s a political response to this, I’m sure.

Take Your Pick
Take Your Pick

Devil Cock for Bad Bears

Old Sketch.Devil Cock

Climbing Mount Juicy Booty

Everybody’s got a mountain to on rug

Welcum To the Void

There’s something there. I know you can feel it.

Welcum To the void
Welcum To the void