Cybear Punk 2077

I bought a used copy of Cyberpunk 2077 for my basic PS4. I didn’t get very far until it glitched on me (it locked me in the tutorials, if you must know.) Before that unfortunate and frustrating incident I did get to make my own model of the main character V. Despite the many color and style options for the hair, scars, etc. I made the most generic looking bear man I could. Unfortunately you can’t make him have a beer belly or a juicy booty, BUT as you can see you can customize his penis. Really you only get three options: small, medium and large (I chose large.) No cut, or uncut, or how many veins you’d like- sigh! Of course, none of this affects gameplay, it’s all cosmetic. I just think it’s interesting I designed the most basic bear archetype for an avatar ever, when given a chance to live in a futuristic virtual world. Uhg! I’m such a basic bitch!