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Dirty old man shaking his stick

Shake it dirty old man. Shake it!

Ed O’Callaghan

I turned on CNN and soon found myself taking endless screenshots of this sultry bearded gentleman. Not going to play politics here, just enjoying the beard. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RESULTS!

Straight Bear Daddy Porn

Who doesn’t like a yummy Straight Bear every so often?

Straight Bear
Straight Bear

Rodney the cute accordion stud muffin

Been watching this fella wank his accordion for about a year now. I’m glad UMM has decided to give this commercial the attention it deserves, cuz Rodney is damn cute!

What the…? Vintage biker illustrator David Mann

I just have to post this.  It’s by famed Easy Rider mag artist David Mann.  I have no idea what’s going on, sexy as hell tho.
What the?