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Lazy Naked Man Art

Heavy cock and balls bringing on heavy contemplation. Enjoying Saturday with my sketchbook and working my right right hand-Ahem!

Erotic Art and Sketches for Sale at UMM

Here at UMM we are beginning the process of creating an online shop and/or a gallery with erotic man art and designs for sale. We’re still in the early stages of production so make sure you check back in about month when our “shop” will be open. Until then UMM will be posting images of Mortimer Pye’s drawing and sketching excursions at, Tumblr, and other social media channels. If there are any images on the site that pique yer interest feel free to let us know. Mortimer Pye likes nasty suggestions.

The homo erotic need for the Cum Junkie

Here cums the cum junkie in his box car playing with his cum. Look at him stare at you . Asking with his eyes. Will you give him some to play with too, or will you quietly walk away?  Thank you for your time.

Cum junkie

Butt Muncher

Butt Munching is one of my fave activities.  Drew this from and old sketch hiding in the UMM archives. Trying to think of a type treatment to go along with it. Hmmmmmmmm….
Butt Muncher

uncut pig belly

This is an photoshop experiment I did a long time ago. He’s cut but I think he’s missing an ear.uncut pig belly

Another backside

Found this one in the umm archives. I just love dem backsides.

Zen Butt

Not a bubble butt, not a harry butt, just a mans butt. It has a hole and it’s attached to a handsome fella. The smell of cigar is in the air. It’s time for sum Zen Butt! Enjoy the view, I think he likes you!Zen Butt

Dirty Sketches

Found a few sketches in the UMM archives and decided to give them ye’ ole Photoshop treatment. Very enjoyable if I do say so myself.
dirty sketch dirty sketch

My Horny Ink and brush

Here are 2 old sketches I found. Nothing spectacular but I enjoy them anyways.

Dirty sketch “Hey you! Bend Over!”

Just a little ditty I found in my files. I dig the tops character design. I think I’ll work with that a bit more.