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Dirty Old Biker Comix

Just a few shits and giggles for you brought to you by an old biker mag.biker comix biker comix biker comix

Lil’ Leather Stud character design

This sexy stranger showed up in my sketches about a month ago. Don’t know his name yet, but I love his design. The hat took me about 20 tries before I got it right.

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Jock Daddy

Underground Comix: Ted the Bisexual Bull

I’m a big fan of underground comix, so here’s my first offering for UMM. This guy showed up a few weeks back as “The Bull of the Week” and ever since then I couldn’t get him off my mind. He’s the horny virile mature bisexual Bull, Ted. Even though he is a hopeless bachelor and a total slut, he never ceases to be amazed at the exciting opportunities that fall in his lap.

Bull of the Week

Let’s name him Ted.


A long time ago I used to write and draw erotic comics, with a frenetic frequency.  Every so often an old buddy asks me what comics I’ve been working on lately. I always try to convey why I’ve got nothing going on.  In that process of thoughtful explanation my mind wanders back to my pencil on the paper, eraser in hand.  I always come up with a good explanation, good enough to keep pangs of desire and regret at bay.   At least until the question arises again in the form of an email, Facebook post or bar conversation.

Dirty old man skewering his boy with mind cock.
Dirty old man skewering his boy with mind cock.