Month: January 2018

Dirty Sketches

Found a few sketches in the UMM archives and decided to give them ye’ ole Photoshop treatment. Very enjoyable if I do say so myself.
dirty sketch dirty sketch

My Horny Ink and brush

Here are 2 old sketches I found. Nothing spectacular but I enjoy them anyways.

Dirty sketch “Hey you! Bend Over!”

Just a little ditty I found in my files. I dig the tops character design. I think I’ll work with that a bit more.

Free Range Hippy Meat

Don’t cha love his ball and sack?

Hippy fucker


Spaceman in a Speedo

Here’s an old sketch and photoshop experiment. Love the ray gun!

Spaceman in a Speedo

Requests from the horny masses

Just starting my day with a few sketches. I woke up to find a request to draw a ginger and a jock strap. These are little unrefined but enjoyable.

Mortimer Pye Self portrait 2018

Another year another hastily drawn self portrait.

Speedo buds nippy twist

Here’s a couple of curious fellas getting to know each other wearing speedos.