Month: December 2017

Take Your Pick

There’s a political response to this, I’m sure.

Take Your Pick
Take Your Pick

Devil Cock for Bad Bears

Old Sketch.Devil Cock

Climbing Mount Juicy Booty

Everybody’s got a mountain to on rug

Welcum To the Void

There’s something there. I know you can feel it.

Welcum To the void
Welcum To the void

Gay Ass Vintage Ads

Take some time to mull over yer options as a consumer.

Mohawk Hunny

Just a sketch from the past.


Stunner from the Past

What else can I say? He’s a stunner!

Late 70’s Early 80’s Cowboys

From the UMM archives. Can’t say exactly what this is.

Cowboy story

Butt Fuckers

All Hail the Butt Fuckers fucking that Butt!

Butt Fuckers
Butt Fuckers

Men’s Room: Vintage Porn Drama

Put yer own caption here.