Mortimer Pye is on Twitter

I finally got my act together. I am venturing into the wide world of social media. “What’s going to be different about this Twitter account as opposed to the Urban Mountain Man blog?” You might ask. Well it’s a personal account to me, Mortimer Pye, which means you’re gonna see more pictures of me, and content about me. Which means pictures of my dick, pictures of my ass, pictures of me wearing thongs and jocks, and pictures without. My goal for UMM has always been to tell a wider story about male sexuality, searching and discovering furry faces and bodies, sweaty appendages and orifices in all media as well as my own artwork and life. Twitter will have some of that and but it’ll also have dick pics! It’s been a while since I’ve explored my slutty side in public so follow my account and join the journey.

Click here for Mortimer’s Twitter account!

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